ICRA2022 Workshop

Workshop Details

Full-day workshop at the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) which took place on May 27th 2022 in Phialdelphia, USA.

Organized by: Ramy Rashad, Federico Califano, Alexander Dijkshoorn, Luuk Groot Koerkamp, Riccardo Sneep, Andrea Brugnoli, Stefano Stramigioli.

University of Twente, the Netherlands

Workshop Description

Flapping flight is one of the wonders of nature that has fascinated biologists, fluid dynamicists, and roboticists for the past decades. Many robotic artifacts that mimic biological systems have been designed at different scales. Despite the efforts and progress, both the functioning and design of flapping aerial robots are not fully understood yet, which makes this multi-disciplinary field of research full of potential discoveries. This workshop on “Challenges of Flapping-wing aerial robots” addresses the state of the art of this field among different scales and from different perspectives. We propose to bring together expert researchers of different fields ranging from aerodynamics of flapping-flight to robotic insects and bio-hybrid robotic birds as well as industrial experts exploiting flapping robots commercially. We aim from this workshop to discuss the applications and future challenges facing the development of flapping-wing aerial robots in the next decade.

Given the eclectic nature of the event, we will solicit the participation within a wide range of researchers, from the bio-inspired robot designers to the aerodynamic experts. Industrial representers will complete the pool of top level speakers to which the participants (about 100 expected) can compare results and discuss ideas actively during the coffee breaks, the poster session, and finally the discussion panel.

The goal of the workshop is to gather people working and interested in understanding the secrets of flapping flight with the aim of designing flying robots. We believe this is one of the most promising and somehow scenographic topics in the biomimetic robotic community, capable of attracting and making participants interact naturally. The poster session and the discussion panel are designed to encourage integration among researchers and discuss future challenges in an interactive way.

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